Orientation Information

1) Conference fees:  Please note that the conference registration deadline is Tuesday, April 10th and full payment of all registration fees is required by that time.  We will soon be making badges and finalizing conference materials and we want to have adequate supplies for all who come.  If you have registered but your plans have now changed and you no longer intend to participate, please do send us a reply to that effect.  

2) We believe that all paper submissions have been acknowledged.  If you believe you sent us a proposal before the March 10th deadline and you have not heard from us regarding the status of your submission, please contact us immediately.  We are finalizing the presentation schedule and do not want to exclude anyone whose communication with us may have failed.

3) If you are coming into the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and if you have put your travel information into your registration file, we will arrange transport to the Dimesse Centre for you.  Airport pick-up and return costs the equivalent of US$ 20.00 each way.  You can pay this in cash at the LIRC8 Registration table once you arrive at the Dimesse Centre.  We can accept US dollars, UK Pounds Sterling, and Kenyan Shillings.  Alternately there are ATM's conveniently placed in the airport if you are coming with other currencies.  If you have not put your travel info into your registration file (including carrier, flight number, and time of arrival and departure), we will assume you do not need us to arrange this transport for you.

4) If you are flying into Nairobi's domestic airport, Wilson Airport, transport can also be specially arranged for you.  Please write to us directly if we can help you in this way.

5) Conference registration opens at 16:00 on Monday, April 30th.  Our Planning Team, however, will be on site beginning the afternoon of Sunday, April 29th, should you arrive early and need some help.  The conference ends after breakfast on Friday, May 4th.

6) For those participants coming from abroad, you may wish to bring some cash as a travel cushion.  If coming from the US, local partners suggest $200-$300 in the form of new bank notes, either $50 or $100 denominations (in addition to the two $20.00 notes you will need for airport transport).  If you have not purchased your e-visa on line (which we strongly recommend you do, as it will save you much time) you can pay for your visa at the airport with a new $50 note.  Remember to print out your Letter of Invitation to show at Immigration.  If you have not received your Letter of Invitation, please let us know.

7)  When making application for your Kenyan visa, please check the "Tourism" option.   Remember too to verify whether you need to update your Yellow Fever vaccination (see https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/kenya for additional information).

8) Please enter your registration file and double check your answer to the item "Nametag".  This information represents how you might finish this sentence:  "Please call me...." It will determine what is printed on your conference badge.  If that field is not as your would wish it, please change it by April 10.  We will also print on your badge, below your name, the country of your passport.  If you would prefer we write a country different from your passport country, please list it in parenthesis after your name in the "Nametag" field.

9) Finally, please click on this link:  http://globalcmiw.org/resources/mani_travel_advisory_lirc8.pdf to receive a letter from our partner MANI.  It contains local information of various sorts in addition to information about the plastics ban.  The ban on plastic bags does not apply to the 1-liter zip-locks you may receive at the airport for your small liquids.  If you wish to have your own water bottle with you, we suggest you bring either glass or metal. Please read it carefully, print it out to carry with you as you travel, and follow its instructions precisely.  It comes with our prayers for a safe arrival and comfortable stay with us in Nairobi.