Can You Help?

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Bert Hickman would like our help.  He writes:

A major part of my new position right now is building the research arm and capabilities of both RUN Ministries and the people we exist to serve overseas. As part of that building, I will be developing a research philosophy and principles for RUN that will guide our activities in that area.

Rather than starting totally from scratch, I thought it would be helpful to ask others what the philosophy and/or principles of research that guide your work are.

Along with the "plain facts", it might also be interesting to hear about how those came to be your philosophy and principles: things like what led you or your organization to develop them, challengers/problems you have encountered, and how they have changed (or not) over the years.



Would you like to share some of your ideas with Bert?  If so, please feel free to join the KSKI (Knowledge Stewardship for Kingdom Impact) Community to pass on your suggestions.  It is easy to join.  Just send an email to  Nelson will respond with easy instructions as to how to join this lively group.

Stephanie Kraft